Why Your Crystals Aren't Working

Have you ever had a crystal, purchased or gifted, that just doesn't feel like it's doing anything? ⁠
Here are a few possibilities to consider.⁠
why your crystals don't work

It is so important that your crystals are cleared, charged and activated.

You can do this with water, sunlight, earthing, singing bowls, full moon or new moon energy, brown rice, breath, etc. I cover this in my master course and if you've shopped with me lately I have been giving out a special paper with a FREE mini course on it going over exactly this. ⁠

Don't let others handle your crystals.

You should always ask before touching someone's crystal and stand in your power and instruct others not to touch your crystals. It's an energy transfer when your crystals are touched and other energetic imprints may be left behind. ⁠

FAKE CRYSTALS are everywhere so beware!

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you're buying from a truly trusted source that takes crystal seriously and not just as a commercial business.

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