How to Work with a Crystal Pendulum

Pendulums can be a great way to tap into your subconscious and to gain possible clarity that you may be seeking. Pendulums are a way of "Dowsing" which has been used for thousands of years. Dowsing has been helpful in locating water, minerals and even lost children. ⁠

An intuitive with clear and accurate connections to their energy field, and excellent questions, can receive precise answers with a pendulum. ⁠

labradorite pendulum

Like anything though, it takes practice and trial and error to learn how to decipher the answers. ⁠A pendulum will have a certain variance in the way it is responding depending upon who is holding it.

A "yes" may be a different movement for you than for others. ⁠

Here's a quick "how to select your pendulum" which will also get you started in working with your pendulum as well.

I am prefacing this quickly though with, to get the clearest answers you should have your pendulum cleared, charged and activated.

It should not be handled by anyone else and you should store your pendulum when you're not using it in a soft bag, preferably red in color and made of a natural fiber would be most ideal.⁠

clear quartz pendulum

1. Holding your pendulum by the chain a couple inches below the end, letting the remaining chain to hang over the top of your hand. Hold chain with your thumb and first finger of your dominant hand.⁠

2. Swing the pendulum around a bit to familiarize yourself with how it moves and responds. ⁠

3. Ask a couple basic easy questions to see how the pendulum will respond. I always start with "Show me yes." (wait for reply, it'll gently swing on way or another, sometimes will spin or do little circles one way or another)

4. Once you have what you feel is an answer, without touching or stopping the pendulum, speak "Show me no" and wait. This is where your mind is usually expanded. You will usually see the pendulum come to a stop and then begin to move a different direction.

5. To test your connection is accurate, now ask a question that you know is true or false and see if the pendulum responds accordingly. Say something like ... "My name is (state your name) and see if the pendulum responds with a no or yes.

This concludes the very brief "How To". There's a lot more I can go into on this but this gets you started.

Remember, STAY IN YOUR HEART and connected to the Divine love.

Questions should always be asked and seeked for the highest good of all.

Never ask futuristic questions, never ask questions through jealousy, envy or hate.

Like anything, there is always a darker side so be intentional, mindful and always do everything for the highest good of all.


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