Crystals for the Winter Solstice

Here are some of the crystals I am working with for the Winter Solstice. I'll be doing a lot of journaling, introspection, year review. I'll be working with this Solstice Portal to release, review, realign, strategize and manifest the new up level, the new limitless possibilities that are always available.
I'm not doing all of this just on the 21st though. The portal is open for several days before and after. I'll be having a big bonfire, some drumming and doing some letting go and deep manifesting.
winter solstice crystals


Excellent for going into the depths of once's darker shadow and releasing what you no longer choose to carry with you. It has an astringent property to it⁠ and is good as sucking stuff out. ⁠


A for sure must have for connecting in with your angels and clearing the incessant chatter in one's mind. ⁠


If you're feeling down or depressed a bit with these darker and shorter sunlight days, then work with this crystal. It will help to balance your emotions. ⁠

Rainbow Moonstone:

Intuition. Embracing the cycles of life. Love where you're at right this moment.

Pink Tourmaline:

Stay positive and optimistic while also staying in the love vibration. Remember to nurture yourself.⁠


Find peace with the unknown and uncertainty. Trust the process, the flow, the ups and downs. It's all working out the way it's meant to. ⁠


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