meadows crystals
I opened Meadow's Crystals for YOU.

After a two year sabbatical traveling the US, I found myself back in Utah.

I was now a single mother to three little ones, the youngest being only four months old at the time.  I arrived in Utah with just a couple hundred dollars to my name, nowhere to live and no idea how I was going to support us.

A close friend let me and the kids stay in a bedroom in one of her properties while I tried to figure my life out.  She believed in me and my ability to figure out what was next for me in life. This little room was in what is now Meadow's Crystals in Lehi, Utah.  Within a couple weeks of living there I received Divine messages guiding me to open a crystal shop immediately.  

I was told in this Divine message that the community needed a space where they could find the ZEN, the unconditional love and the tools they needed for their journey.  I realized that these were the things that I had received in my travels and experiences that had led me to acknowledge and step into my limitless potential.

My flagship pieces are my intuitively wrapped crystal necklaces and crystal bracelets.  I have wrapped more than five thousand crystals and made more than ten thousand bracelets by connecting to the local and global consciousness.  This means every crystal I wrap and every bracelet I am guided to design and make is made for the higher purpose and healing of this planet, it's people and beyond.

Custom requests are always welcome.

With love + gratitude

~ Meadow