Meadow's Crystals has engaged local Utah residents since the beginning with special events such as:
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Intuitive Card Readings with Harley Snow

Click here to schedule a reading with in-house intuitive and medium Harley Snow. Readings are only offered in person at the shop in Lehi, UT.

About Harley:

I have lived in beautiful Utah for 15 years, localized in Lehi for the last 4 years post-divorce, with my two adorable children and our cat Bobby.

Presently excited to offer this new service, card readings to Meadow's community of healers, intuitives and families. As a customer myself, I have found Meadow's Crystals to be instrumental in finding tools for my practice, and value my connection here deeply.

I love working with the artistry of the cards, focusing on intuitive information including imagery, orientation, synchronicity, spreads, auras, color, direction, proximity and spirit animals.

I focus on transitional phases, (including relationships, career, grief, anxiety, and panic), offering new framing to help with any questions you'd like to ask the universe. My main purpose is to help ground as you find your deepest truths.

As for education, I have a B.S in Behavioral Science, Sociology from UVU, and a Peace and Justice Certification from Ulster, University (in Ireland). I continue my education by taking various online courses, including yoga and poetry with Poems and Peonies. I am part of Moxy Movement's Ambassadors program, and find body movement to be a huge healing component to processing emotions.

But with all the education I've graciously received, I find my deepest comforts in meditating with the cards in my personal daily practice, leaning into the deepest and most innocent knowledge I had as a child that I was just too scared to show. These days it is much easier to share my gifts with the help of communities like Meadow’s.

My favorite crystals are Rose Quartz and Pink Sapphire.