How do I join an IG Live?

Joining an IG live sale is easy! Watch my Instagram stories every day for announcements about upcoming dates and times.  Be sure to keep your IG push notifications turned on so you can see when I pop on Live. Just click my Live story at the top of your screen to join.

How do I claim a crystal on IG Live?

To claim a crystal, enter the code from the crystal you are interested in into the comments. The first person I see on my end to claim the crystal wins and I will announce the winner of the claim as they come in. If you see your name pop up first and I don’t call your name as the winner, this is because someone else’s claim number popped up first on my end of the algorithm (this is usually due to Wifi connections). If you win the claim, send me a DM with your name, email address and shipping address if shipping is required. 

How do I pay for crystals I claim on IG Live?

I will email you an invoice within 24 hours of the IG Live sale. Simply click the link in the email to pay online.  All invoices must be paid within 24 hours. 

When do my IG Live orders ship?

My team and I ship Instagram Live orders Monday through Wednesday. (Online store orders ship daily) Shipping starts at $5 and goes up dependent on weight. We will combine shipping for the week's orders.

Can I pick up my IG Live orders?

Orders can be picked up from the Lehi, UT shop.  Let me know that you will be picking up your order from the shop when you make your claims before your invoice goes out. Just send me a DM or comment in the Live and you will receive an email when your order is ready for pickup.

Do you do open boxes for IG Live sales?

Yes, we do open boxes for the current week. Unfortunately I can not hold your items for additional purchases the following weeks.

Can I combine invoices from IG Live Sales?

Invoices can not be combined from IG Live sales because of the way my system is set up.  You will receive an invoice within 24 hours of your purchase and they can not be combined with future purchases.

What if I change my mind about a crystal?

All sales are final in the IG Live events. Once you claim a crystal on IG Live there are no refunds or swaps to be fair to other customers who may have lost the claim.  If you claim a crystal and do not pay the invoice you may be blocked from future IG Live events.



How do I order a custom wire wrap?

You can now order your custom wraps online! Start by making your selections here, enter your notes in the cart page before checkout and I will be in touch with you if additional details are needed.

What are your necklace chains made of?

All of my chains are lead and nickel free.  My most popular chains are brass based and dipped in precious metals. I have chains that are 14K gold dipped, 18K gold dipped, 24k gold dipped and .999 pure silver dipped. I also offer chains in brass and copper.

Can I customize the chain on a “ready to go” crystal wrap?

I am happy to offer a different length chain.  Just make a note at checkout or send me an email upon purchase. However, if you are interested in an entirely different chain, there may be an up-charge based on the style and metal you’re interested in.

How much do you charge for a custom wire wrap?

My custom wire wraps begin at $222 and go up from there depending on the crystal you purchase and if there is more than one crystal in the design.  The price of the wrap includes a custom length chain of your choice. I can also wrap a crystal you already own.

What is the wait time for a custom wire wrap?

Custom wire wrap orders can take 4-8 weeks depending on the number of orders ahead of you.

When is payment due for a custom wire wrap?

Payment is due at the time of order.



Can I order a custom bracelet or anklet?

Yes, I can customize a bracelet or anklet to your needs. Simply send me a message about your desired design.  COMING SOON, you will be able to order your custom bracelet in the online shop!

What size are the beads in your bracelets?

My bracelets come with either 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm beads. 8MM beads are the most popular but I can make custom bracelets with any bead size you choose.

What is the wait time for a custom bracelet?

Custom bracelets can take 2-4 weeks depending on the number of orders ahead of you.

When is payment due for a custom bracelet?

Payment is due at the time of order.

How much do you charge for a custom bracelet?

Custom bracelets begin at $75 and go up from there depending on the crystals.

Are your bracelets adjustable?

All of my crystal bead bracelets are stretch style. When purchasing a bracelet, simply order the size that best fits your needs.  Keep in mind that your wrist is the narrowest part of your arm and if you enjoy stacking bracelets, you may desire to order different sizes.

What size bracelet should I order?

My bracelets do stretch but you may find you desire different sizes if you like to stack them. Measure your wrist and keep in my mind that your wrist is the smallest part of your arm.

How long will my stretch style bracelet last?

I have a secret special way in which I tie my bracelets which will last them many years. It’s always best to limit water exposure, keep it away from babies and avoid chores and activities that can snag your bracelet so you can enjoy it for years to come.

What if my bracelet breaks?

All of my bracelets come with a Lifetime Warranty. If your bracelet breaks for any reason simply bring all of the beads to the shop or mail it in and I will restring it for free.  If you've lost any of your beads there is a charge to replace them. (The cost of crystal beads varies.) Restringing typically takes 3-7 days.



What are Palo Santo and Sage good for?

Herbs such as sage and palo santo have been worked with by civilizations and indigenous cultures since the beginning of time because of their healing, cleansing and medicinal properties.  Sage and Palo Santo are worked with to cleanse spaces, sacred objects like crystals, cleansing the emotional, physical and spirit bodies, and are also used in rituals to create a sense of safety and sacred space. If you would like to learn how to cleanse your space, click here to download my free Energy Clearing PDF resource.

How do I work with a pendulum?

Pendulums can be a great way to tap into your subconscious and to gain possible clarity that you may be seeking. An intuitive with clear and accurate connections to their energy field, and excellent questions, can receive precise answers with a pendulum. ⁠ I have a step-by-step guide on the blog about how to work with your pendulum.  Click here to read the full article. For more tips about Zen living and upcoming online crystal classes, be sure to get on my email list at www.livethezenlife.com.

When and How should I charge my crystals?

The more time and care you invest into your crystals the better they will work for you and with you for your highest and best purpose. I have created a free online course that teaches you how to clear, charge and activate your crystals. Click here to get started today.

Are there crystals I can work with for my Zodiac sign?

Yes. There are many different crystals for each zodiac but it’s important to also recognize when working with astrology that there is more than one sign in your chart. When working with crystals and astrology, consider where you want your focus to be and work with the crystals that correspond with your specific intention. Another great way to have crystals on hand for the zodiac is with my customizable astrology bracelet which will be COMING SOON

Are there any crystals I should avoid when new to using them?

No. I always encourage my customers that if you intuitively feel called to a specific crystal, that means you are ready for it and it's ready to work with you and for you.




How do I earn Zen Rewards?

For every $1 you spend at Meadow's Crystals you earn 10 points. 

Signing up for Zen Rewards earns you 500 points (1x only)

Liking Meadow’s Crystals Facebook page earns you 500 points (1x only)

Sharing Meadow’s Crystals on Facebook earns you 500 points (1x only)

Following me on Instagram @Meadowscrystals earns you 500 points (1x only)

Spend your birthday with me and earn 1,000 points (1x/year)

Every 1,000 points earns you $5 off your purchase

How do I check my Zen Rewards points?

To view your points balance, click the black REWARDS button at the bottom of the screen at meadowscrystals.com. If you are not already logged in, enter your email address to receive a confirmation email with a new link to view your rewards points.

Where can I use my Zen Rewards points?

Zen Rewards can be used in the online store, at the local shop in Lehi, Utah and on Instagram Live sales. 

How do I use my Zen Rewards points?

To use your points online, click the REWARDS button at the bottom of your screen and log in. The link in your email will bring you to a new window showing your total points and any rewards you have available.  Click your rewards to apply them for online purchases or copy and paste the rewards code into your cart. If you would like to use your points in the shop, simply let the staff know you have points you would like to use. To use your rewards for Instagram Live shopping, please send me a DM after you claim a crystal before invoices go out and I will update your invoice to reflect the discount.

Do you offer birthday Zen Rewards?

Yes.  When you sign up for Zen Rewards you must enter your birthday at least 30 days before your birthday to qualify to receive 1,000 points. Points are given annually as long as you are a Zen Rewards member.