Custom Wire Wrap Necklace


Don't see a ready-made wrap in the shop that feels like it's yours? Order a custom wire wrap intuitively hand made just for you.  All wraps come with my signature sacred geometry chain.

ORDER INSTRUCTIONS: In the drop downs, please select the type of wrap (single or double), chain finish, and whether you will be providing your own crystal. 

CHECKOUT INSTRUCTIONS: Before completing your order, please add comments on the Cart Page before checking out:  

  1. What length of chain you desire - from 15"- 33"
  2. What specific kind of crystal you would like wrapped - for example, raw amethyst or tumbled amethyst 
  3. If you are providing your own crystal, please tell me if you will be shipping it or dropping it off at the shop

NOTE ABOUT CRYSTAL SELECTION: Depending on the type of crystal you desire, there may be an additional charge if you would like me to hand-select it.

PRICING: Single wraps start at $222, and double wraps start at $333.

Wait: The standard wait time can vary depending on when the crystal is ready to be wrapped; typically, it will be 6-8 weeks.

When your order is placed, a member of the team will contact you if any additional details are needed. 



Mantras and power words are the perfect way to program and work with your crystals for your highest good. My mantras are suggestions to help you focus your intentions and the power words capture the magical energy of every crystal. Your crystals will work more effectively with you if they are programmed with your deepest intention.


I only wrap a crystal if it tells me it wants to be wrapped.  The crystals speak to me and I follow their messages.  This means every crystal I wrap is wrapped because the soul it is for is ready to receive it.  I never forcibly wrap a crystal which is why the crystal jewelry I make feels and is so different to anything else on the market.


I meditate with every crystal I work with.  Each is cleared, activated and blessed through the vibration of love.  Experience the difference in energy.


All jewelry comes in a silk/satin bag, packaged in a white premium box, tied shut with branding.  Shipped in either a recyclable bubble mailer or white box.

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