How Crystals Changed My Life

Crystals have changed my life in many ways over the years but it all really started with the Moldavite necklace I got. Moldavite kicked my life into high gear and I didn't even realize it. Shortly after acquiring Moldavite, I sold everything I owned and lived on the road for almost two years with my two kids.

During this time I found myself in Michigan at the shore of Gun Lake in early spring. I felt a deep pull to the crystals and received a changeling of guidance to begin tuning into the crystal and wrapping them into beautiful piece of healing art.

Just a few of my personal testimonials of crystals include the following:

Amethyst showed me its powers in helping my little boy sleep. It stopped the nightmares and now almost nine years later he still sleeps with his amethyst every night.

Selenite has helped me during anxiety attacks and in feeling safe in my home space.

Quartz has kept me safe in driving across the country and hangs from my rearview mirror. I've had the same piece since 2016 and it has traveled more than 300,000 miles in that time and been in four different vehicles. Not only has it kept me safe from accidents but also from speeding tickets and hitting any animals. I've driven coast to coast multiple times. From the Mexican border and into Canada. It has done miracles.

Jet has helped me feel calm and connected to my inner peace.

Celestite often inspires me and connects me with my spirit guides.

Libyan glass gives me the best happy dreams ever.

Black Tourmaline has assisted me several times through airports, TSA and flying. I've been able to get through seemingly difficult encounters with complete ease.

These are just a few of my personal experiences but I have witnessed and learned of so many others who have also had their lives changed too.



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