How to Detox your Pineal Gland

Many things in our environment are causing a calcification of our Pineal Gland. Your pineal gland is located in the center of your brain and something that scientists struggle to understand what its purpose really is.

Ancient wisdom knows.

Your Pineal is your "third eye" and your connection to Source/ God/ Divine/ Universe/ the One/ the Omnipresent/ whatever term you resonate with. The more our pineal gland becomes calcified the harder it is to connect to Source/God in its pure state.

Lack of connection can cause one to feel numb, trapped, unsettled, negative, hopeless, uninspired, jaded, materialistic and more. It is SO important to keep this gland in good shape.

Ways to decalcify your pineal glad include discontinuing things in your environment that cause the calcification and then adding in meditation, chanting, aum-ing, exercise, gratitude, daily ritual, journaling, etc.

One of the #1 things that causes swift calcification of the pineal gland is FLUORIDE!

Consider drinking and cooking only with water that has been filtered with special fluoride removing filtration.

Most "filtered" water is not filtered for fluoride so do some research to ensure you're spending your money on things that will do what you want. 

Shungite has shown to neutralize fluoride in your water as well.


Wearing shungite, working with crystals, drinking pure water and doing some of things listed above will help to decalcify your pineal gland.

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