How to Balance your Chakras with Crystals

Chakra means “spinning wheel”. This is ancient knowledge of our systems that is new to much of the Western world.

There are more than seven chakras, however, there are seven main ones and so we tend to focus on them the most. 

An out of balance chakra can trigger us to feel sluggish and uninspired, hopeless, flighty, sporadic, fearful, stuck, lost, lonely, over-exerted, unpredictable, and everything else in between. 

When was the last time you truly felt balanced? Balanced in thought, body, spirit? ⁠

This is why crystals seem to call out to you or you feel drawn to just one in particular. It is bringing balance to your system. ⁠

Wearing a chakra bracelet brings awareness to all of your chakras.

This beautiful handmade Chakra crystal bracelet includes:

Amethyst (crown), Sodalite (third eye), AAA Grade Aquamarine (throat), Malachite (heart), Natural Citrine (solar plexus), Rainbow Lattice Sunstone (sacral), Garnet (root), and Onyx.

chakra crystal bracelet

Every time you look at your chakra bracelet or someone comments on it, take a moment and go within to check on your chakras. This bracelet will help bring balance to your chakra systems.



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