Meadow's Top 7 Favorite Crystals

You've asked many times and this is such a hard question for me but for the most part, here's a pretty good list of my top favorites.



Moldavite: The one that kicked my butt and handed me the hardest moments of life to only then set me up for the grandest, most fulfilling life ever! Dear Moldavite... I will love you always. (shop all moldavite)



Scolecite: When I hold Scolecite I feel calm, peace and a light deep within my being that I know will never go out. I feel my entourage of guides and angels with me and I feel unstoppable. (shop all scolecite)



Celestite: I have a huge Celestite in my space and she helps me connect deeper with my angels, the consciousness of the globe and assist with interpretation of energy coming forth in my work. (shop all celestite)



Citrine: I keep Citrine anywhere I keep money as it is known to call in financial prosperity. It is also excellent for activating courage which helps me show up for you. (shop all citrine)


smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz reminds me to check in with my energy field and to take care of any holes where energetic attacks can come in. This sexy smoky also brings awareness to any energy cords that may be attached that I need to sever or monitor. Smoky Quartz reminds me I am safe and to stay grounded.⁠ (shop all smoky quartz)



Malachite: Our hearts emanate the biggest vibrational frequency and we can only attract more love if we are more loving and loving in the right spaces. Be precise with how and where you love deepest as there are places where love isn't going to be the right frequency for the amount of love you have to give. Malachite is powerful and reminds me that we all have heart walls and we are all learning the ONE LOVE and the BIG LOVE. Love really does make everything GROW. Just like how when you look at Malachite, the rings grow in size as the ripple effect of love is everlasting. (shop all malachite)


libyan glass

Libyan Glass: I got to know Libyan Glass about two years ago and she brought in the most beautiful golden light of happiness, joy, optimism and playfulness I've ever felt from a crystal. Being a tektite the LG has some cosmic sass but is much sweeter and more mellow than her cousin Moldavite. I love sleeping with my Libyan Glass. (shop all libyan glass)




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