Why Crystal Grades Matter - AAA Grade explained

A popular question I get inside the shop is ... "What do all the As and AAAs and stuff mean?" Let me tell you, magical soul.

aaa grade rose quartz

I'll start with just the physical and then I'll take it into the energetics so read on.

Crystals are graded based on color, clarity and purity. There's rose quartz that's almost white in color and there's rose quartz that is juicy pink. Some rose quartz you cannot see through and others are very see through. What does this all mean?

The letters stand for the GRADES of crystal. There's B, A, AA, AAA, Gem Grade, and it goes more in depth but we are keeping it simple and basic here. 

B is low grade and working up from there. 

A is lower grade than AA. 

AAA grade is higher than AA grade. 

Gem Grade is the level of material professional jewelers want to cut and facet out of to set into beautiful rings sold for thousands of dollars.

Ever been Diamond shopping? Ever notice the "grades" of diamonds? This is why a Tiffany diamond sells for way more than a Kay Jewelers diamond (as an example) ... sure they are both "diamonds" and they both sparkle but put them side by side and the difference is profound. Look at them through a jewelers loop and the difference is even more profound.

The reason a crystal has a higher grade also reflects the more perfect crystalline structure within it. The less "impurities" the higher the grade.

Moving into the energy side now...

aaa grade rhodochrosite

The more pure the crystalline structure, less impurities, the better the energy is flowing within the crystal which means it can take a program and work at a higher frequency for you. 

The higher the frequency the faster your energy is going to work with that crystal and thus the results likely will also be faster. 

This is why I source so intentionally and at higher grades. As one who works with crystals daily and achieves efficient results, the grade does make a difference which is why I offer such high grade crystals at my shop and online.

You deserve the best. Every hear of the saying, you get what you put into it? Have a higher grade crystal and you will get more out of it.


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