How to Select the Right Crystal for You

When customers come to my shop, they’ll find very few “property/meaning” cards. Why? Because I want them to learn what it's like to FEEL. I guide my customers to just pick what they like with no logic behind it. Just feel. Then we’ll go over their properties. 99% of the time they will intuitively choose exactly what they need.

Here are some tips for choosing crystals

rose quartz tower
  • Trust what you are drawn to. Stay in your heart center and trust what you intuitively feel the pull towards. The mind isn’t the one FEELING the crystals, your intuition is, your frequency is, so keep the mind out of it. 

  • Don’t analyze the one you’re initially  drawn to. It’s so easy to get caught up in our heads with things like ... “Oh I don’t usually like that color”. Go with the one that feels like a tug or inner pull, that feeling you get right before your brain wants to start analyzing and negotiating with it. ⁠

  • Trust your initial feeling, that intuition, that gut feeling if you may. Trust the message, the guidance, the feel before your brain engages. Our mind has a way of overanalyzing and overriding what our intuition is guiding us to. ⁠

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