Types of Calcite Crystals

Do you have calcite in your collection? Most people do as it is a very abundant crystal and the investment point can be lower than other kinds of crystals. Kids and adults especially love the orange, pinks, greens and blues. ⁠

types of calcite crystals

Calcite can be found all over the world in various forms and ways but most of the orange, blue and green comes from Mexico. The pink calcite can come from Mexico as well however there's a variety called Pink Mangano from Peru that is quite magnificent. The pink is often UV reactive under a black light and will glow hot pink. ⁠

The honeycomb calcite is actually Utah's state crystal and was officially recognized as that about two years ago. It is famous for it's color and unique patterning that can give a honeycomb look. ⁠

Dogtooth is famous for its wild tooth like shape and can come in various colors. Pictured is chocolate dogtooth.⁠

There are other varieties of calcite including honey, root beer etc. There's one in particular I am on the hunt for while I am in Tucson in a few weeks. ⁠Send me a DM if there's something you'd like me to find for you in Tucson.⁠

I have all of the varieties shown in the Lehi Utah crystal shop right now. Some are in the online shop and I always end up showing some kind of calcite during the IG LIVES that we do during the week.⁠



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