Top 6 Crystals for Manifesting

EVERYONE has the ability to manifest and to bring to fruition that which you truly desire.

Manifesting is easy but it takes intention, vision and action.

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Crystals are a great support in helping you manifest your best life!

Here are my top six favorites to work with when manifesting.




Sunstone brings you self confidence and fortitude so you can develop your spiritual gifts. It reminds you to let the sun shine in and to shine your light brightly.



Garnet inspires great passion, strength and life force within. Working with the root chakra, Garnet helps you with feeling safe and powerful.

Herkimer Diamond

herkimer diamond

Herkimer Diamond supports you in dreaming up your biggest and best dreams. It supports your spiritual journey and heightens your consciousness and awareness.



Bloodstone is a stone of re-birth whether that is a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual re-birth. Use Bloodstone to support birth and give life to a new idea or creation.

Red Jasper

red jasper

Seeking a little more passion, vigor, life force in your life? Red Jasper not only helps with that but it also helps with manifesting your dream life.



Covellite is an amazing crystal for visualization. A huge part of manifesting your greatest reality is visualizing. Covellite is a powerful crystal to help you with this.


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