Top 4 Crystals to Embody Gratitude

November at Meadow’s Crystals is the month of Gratitude. Come back into gratitude daily and especially in moments of depression, despair and upset. Gratitude helps us focus on the things we do have, how good things really are for us and this is so important because you really need to focus on the positive things. Where attention goes, energy flows. If you focus on good, then you’ll get more good. If you focus on the negative then you’ll get more of that. 

Gratitude is the fastest way to shift your mind to positivity. Do you practice gratitude daily? ⁠

The following four crystals are wonderful in helping you come back to gratitude. Meditate with them, carry them around with you, get jewelry with them in it. Every time you touch your crystal, bring yourself to the present moment and speak something you’re grateful for. Trust me. It can make a huge shift of perspective in your life. ⁠









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