Crystals to Work with During Samhain

November 1st is Samhain, a Gaelic festival which begins today, on Halloween and festivities go through tomorrow evening (November 1st). Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the dark winter season. (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe). ⁠

The energy does go deeper though than just a marking of the end of harvest season. It is true, and has been known for thousands of years, through many civilizations that this time of year the veils are thinner than at any other time. This is why Day of the Dead is also celebrated on November 1st and 2nd this year in Latin culture. ⁠

The veil is thinner and we can connect to our ancestors and spirits. Some people are much more sensitive to connecting to these spirits and ancestors but just because maybe you can't doesn't mean it isn't happening. ⁠

Personally, I'm not a fan of celebrating the ghoulish side of Halloween. This is a very sensitive time for our psyche, soul and connection to the other side. Consider how you're more open to these communications and then decide if you really want to be letting the horror movies, the blood, the over the top Hollywood death scenes enter your sensitive veil of connection to the darker side. ⁠

Crystals to support connecting to ancestors while also maintaining protection and light include the following:⁠

Obsidian - Go into your depths, the inner wisdom in which you hold. Inner wisdom written from the eternity of infinite time. Your ancestors trials and successes are already written in your DNA. You can learn more about that by studying Epigenetics but this is something that has been known for a long time by mediums, shamans, healers. Obsidian has a way of helping you purify and squeeze out the best parts. It has an astringent like ability.

Smoky Quartz - Feel protected and empowered as you let go of things that you wish to, especially those that are not serving your highest good. Cauterize the wounds that have been holding you back so you can finally heal. We are going into the "dark time" of the year which is a lovely time to let those wounds heal rather than fester so that when spring comes you're ready to really expand.

Selenite - As you do your darker shadow work, as you heal wounding, as you tap into inner wisdom, the Selenite energy will hold the light for you to come back to. The divine love that is always omnipresent. You're never alone. You're never stuck. That is all in your mind.

Take a moment to journal or lend some intentional thought about what guidance your ancestors can offer you right now.

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