Malachite Crystal Properties

Malachite is a potent crystal to work with and can be a bit intimidating or too powerful to work with for some people. Why? Malachite takes you deep into your heart space and helps you see where your patterns are holding you back from achieving what you say your desires are. But what makes it even more potent is that it takes you in to view your heart walls.

What are heart walls? Heart walls are something we put up within our heart chakra space to protect us from being hurt again. For example, if you break up with your boyfriend or you go through divorce or you discover a friend hasn't been saying nice things about you, what do you do? You think or say to yourself, I'm never going to let myself get hurt like that again so I will never say, express, let someone in, love that deeply again, etc. That is a heart wall you're putting up. And it's totally understandable. We do not want to be hurt.

It hurts and we are designed and even programmed to avoid pain at all costs. What you need to remember though is you can't love fully with lots of heart walls in place. I'm not saying you need to just drop them all immediately. That would NOT be in your best interest. Rather, you need to be open to forgiving and transmuting what caused the heart walls into something that you can grow and heal from. Malachite is potent for this reason.

Are you ready for some heart walls to be looked at and maybe dismantled? Do so with love and care. The weight of Malachite can help you reground and feel safe and as you become open to letting more love into your heart space.

Malachite warning: do not handle dusty malachite as it does contain arsenic. Don't drink water that malachite has been sitting in and I would also avoid any essential oil perfumes that have malachite in them. Don't put it in your mouth. :)

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