Crystals to Support Mood Swings and Emotions

We chose to come to this planet at this time to experience all the things that we're experiencing so it’s important that we learn how to sit with our emotions rather than shove them down or numb them.  These are my favorite crystals to help you embrace your emotions and move through them with love.



Lepidolite has a heart centered love vibration and a very calming energy. It holds the vibration of lithium which is known for balancing your emotions and mood swings.

Apache Tear

apache tear

The Apache Tear helps you embrace your emotions and be okay with the emotions that you're feeling. It also supports letting the emotions move through the method of crying and letting the tears flow.



Moldavite help reminds you that you are limitless and helps support letting the emotions flow through the method of crying. It is known to be one of the highest vibrating, intense stones available and can help when you need to have a really good cry. 

Ruby Zoisite

ruby in zoisite

Ruby Zoisite reminds you to have gratitude and to recognize the blessings that you do have in your life. 

Prehnite with Epidote

prehnite with epidote

Prehnite with Epidote is a stone of transformation similar to Green Calcite. Prehnite with Epidote helps you see how a difficult situation could actually be a really positive opportunity for you to grow.


rainbow moonstone

Moonstone works with the energy of the moon which is all about the emotions and coming back to the divine feminine within you. Moonstone connects you back to your intuition and your intuition will never take you the wrong direction.



Labradorite reminds us if we can see the bigger picture then suddenly all of the turmoil that we may be stuck in no longer exists, or if it does exist, it's not quite as tumultuous as we may think it is at that very moment. 

To learn more in depth information about these specific crystals and supporting mood swings, emotions and Pisces energy, listen to Episode 2 of the Activated Soul podcast here

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