How to Turn the Negative into Positive with Crystals

We've all had seemingly negative experiences in life. Those moments can be some of the hardest moments of our lives and one of the best ways in staying positive, and not sinking into depression and having anxiety attacks, is to learn how to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

Here are 8 crystals to support you in transmuting the negative into positive.

Blue Calcite

blue calcite

Blue Calcite is a beautiful stone that is very soothing and peaceful. It can help you come to peace with your emotions and with finding a way to communicate what you're feeling.



Hematite helps shift negative emotions into positive ones. It will help you look at a situation or experience and it can help you list the negatives to turn them into positives. Hematite is also really good with protection and grounding.


jet crystals

Jet is very helpful for releasing, cooling down and mellowing out. It can really help you release any upset or negative emotion that you have going on.

Blue Chalcedony

blue chalcedony bracelet

Blue Chalcedony can help you see things in a more positive light and it can help you with peace and calm.


serpentine crystal necklace

Serpentine helps you stay focused on the positive things. Serpentine is one of the best crystals for Neuro Linguistic Programming and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).



Septarian is known to help with uncovering the emotions that are holding you back. If you have any repeating patterns coming up in your life, the Septarian can help you recognize them.

Selenite Rose

desert rose (selenite rose)

Selenite Rose, also known as Desert Rose, is an amazing stone to help you return back to the vibration of love.


raw morganite

Morganite is a beautiful stone that helps you recognize that love is always within reach.  Morganite can help you shift out of those negative thoughts and lets you think and flow through your heart space instead of your hurt space.

To learn more in depth information about these specific crystals and transmuting negative into positive energy, listen to Episode 9 of the Activated Soul podcast here.


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