Crystals for the Hero’s Journey

As we go through our different layers of healing, we go through what is known as the hero's journey. We hear the call. We go on an adventure.  We enter the abyss. And then we re-enter with what we’ve learned as part of the life-death-life cyle, also known as rebirth.

The hero's journey is something that I believe is very integral to the whole human experience that we have here. We have this amazing opportunity here to experience emotion, to experience feeling, to be in a body and to experience all of this.  

Here I tell you about the crystals that will assist you in your own Hero's Journey.

Black Obsidian

raw black obsidian

Black obsidian is such a potent, powerful stone. It’s a stone that I chose that really lines up with the call to adventure. There's a great longing, you feel the pull towards the great void. Black obsidian is that great void and it is the stone to help you stay on your path and to stay focused on what you want to accomplish.  This stone initiates you into diving deep within yourself and it will help come forth the things that you need to work on to grow while you are on your journey. This is a potent stone, but do not be afraid of it. It is a great guide, a great help, a great support for activating into that journey that also carries with some protection. So feel protected as you dive into your journey no matter what may come up. 

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of my absolute favorites.It’s a beautiful blue stone that oftentimes is dyed. It's actually a bit tricky to find real, unaltered lapis lazuli (the best comes out of Afghanistan). As you dive into adventure, the Lapis Lazuli is going to activate your intuition. It will help you recultivate your intuition so you can actually start to hear and listen and understand your intuitive promptings and guidance that is coming through. Lapis Lazuli can help you get in tune with not only your intuition, but also calls in your angels for guidance. The gold pyrite in it that’s sparkling back at you is activating your inner child. You're on an adventure so your inner child is curious and excited and hopeful and there's so much unknown that you're entering into. But when you're activating the inner child sometimes that can trigger frustration or overwhelm. So the lapis lazuli assists with that, helps that inner child come out, but also keeps you calm and collected and keeps that frustration and overwhelm at bay. 


raw citrine

Citrine is another one of those stones that in the beautiful world of crystals and metaphysics is often being sold as fake. Fake Citrine is everywhere.. I suggest that you find real Citrine if you want the purest vibrations. Real Citrine is a very light yellow color, nothing like the deep golden amber colors that you typically see in metaphysical shops. Citrine will support you by calling in the confidence and the courage that you need to help keep you on your journey. It's also a stone of abundance. Trust that the right amount of money is flowing in for your journey. 

Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye

When you're uprooting and peeling your layers, it’s easy to slip into fight or flight. If we slip into fight or flight  then we do not have the energy that we need to heal what needs to be healed. The tiger's eye brings you protection and self confidence and it helps you stay in your power so you can get that inner work done. It will help you stay focused on your why. You had a why when you started the adventure. What was it? So Tiger's eye helps you stay focused on the why, on your goal  and on your dreams no matter how small or large.



Ametrine is another stone that there are a lot of fakes out there. Just be tuned in to your intuition when you're looking for ametrine. Ametrine is this beautiful stone of Amethyst and Citrine that's together. The ametrine is going give you that transformative power to shift something negative into something positive for the betterment of your life. As you enter that transformation space, ametrine will help you get clear on your thoughts and will help you stay on course with that new mindset and with the new programming that you're activating. Ametrine will help you live with those new principles that you are wanting to live and will also help you create and hold healthy boundaries so that you can have healthier relationships with the people in your life.

Botswana Agate

botswana banded agate

Also known as Banded Agate, real Botswana agate comes from Botswana. It helps you get creative as you step into this new life. You're going have to think outside the box. You're gonna have to think in new ways. This stone will help you open up to further seeing, hearing and feeling the new path that you're on. And the more that you see, feel, hear and set those new habits, the easier it's going to be for you to stay on your new path. 



Amazonite is the final stone and this is bringing you back as the hero, as the one who has succeeded in the journey. You've done it. You have returned. It is now time for you to speak your truth and stand in your power. You came through all those experiences. You hit the Abyss. You have the guides. You transformed and transmuted. You did your atonement. You've returned. Amazonite activates the throat chakra so you can finally stand in your power, speak your true authentic self, speak with grace and be that new you that the hero's journey has revealed. 

To learn more in depth information about the Hero’s Journey and these specific crystals, tune in to Episode 11 of the Activated Soul podcast here.




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