Crystals to Plant Seeds for an Extraordinary Life

So much of what we can grow comes through emotion. Everything actually comes through emotion. So I'm going to go through seven crystals here that support connecting to the plants, to the earth, and to inspire new growth within your own journey as well.

Moss Agate

moss agate

Moss Agate helps you with rebalancing and connecting back to nature. Mother Earth is always a beautiful way to rebalance and Moss Agate reminds you of the water and the plants. Use Moss Agate to meditate if you're cooped up in the house or office and you're not able to get out into nature as much as you want.

Green Tourmaline

green tourmaline necklace

Green Tourmaline is a powerful crystal to help you remember to connect to Earth.  It also helps you come back to your heart and be open to receive and give love and offer forgiveness.

Honey Calcite

honey calcite

Honey Calcite activates the solar plexus which is our joy center but it also ties us into the root chakra and Mother Nature. When we're planting our seeds and we're nurturing, it takes courage and the solar plexus is where your courage lies. Honey Calcite reminds you to come back to Earth, to find your center, and find peace.

Petrified Wood

petrified wood

Petrified Wood reminds us that through all of our experiences in life, we have great knowledge within us. Planting the new seeds can turn into a successful harvest if you utilize the knowledge that you consciously and subconsciously have. Petrified wood is such an amazing stone and if we listen closely, the answers really are all around us.

Tree Agate

tree agate

Tree Agate helps you recognize that you're connected to everything, that there's a whole root system beneath your feet and a whole frequency system above your head. Tree agate can really help you balance yourself with Mother Earth's energy and be open to divine guidance and the global consciousness. 

Blue Topaz

blue topaz

Blue Topaz is the stone of creative and inspirational ideas. It helps you to not only hear the divine guidance that's all around you but also helps you decide when you actually want to listen to it and follow what it is that you're being guided to. Blue topaz will help you feel full of peace and help you feel calm but also helps you bring more awareness to your feelings so that you can address them.



Vanadinite gives you the ability to look into other options to nurture an idea better and can help you reframe any situation. It can help you take the negative emotions that are coming up and that are being attached to an old belief system and help you reframe and come into a new idea or consider a new angle.

To learn more in depth information about these specific crystals and how to plant seeds for an extraordinary life, listen to Episode 6 of the Activated Soul podcast here


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