Crystals for Transition

When we plant seeds we start the transition of growing.  It's one thing to plant a seed and a whole other thing to grow and come into our next level or go through metamorphosis.

These are my favorite crystals to support going through transitions.

Green Calcite

green calcite

Green Calcite is called the stone of transition.  It’s a sweet gentle stone that supports the heart chakra and reminds you that change is always constant. Green calcite really helps you with the transitions of life from career to relationships to losses and can also help support you if you're having a change of heart about something.



Charoite helps with changes going on in your life but also the challenges that are coming in with those changes. It can help you find the patience to really just sit with and be okay with that transition no matter what phase it's in. Charoite can be a really great support when you're going through some major transitions and letting you recognize that it's okay to be in the “goo” stage for a minute and then trust the next level.



Chrysocolla helps you with balance through everything. It can also help support you through processing emotional wounds so you can create space for new growth and experience. Chrysocolla helps you make space for your new story.


raw ametrine

Ametrine helps you with focusing on mindset when you are letting go of the things that are no longer serving you and replacing them with what it is that you are calling in.  It helps you with believing and being which is so essential to receiving. Ametrine is a powerful stone for manifesting and helps you release old stories and old energy so that you can live the greatest version of yourself.



Prehnite helps you to be open to what the process of the transition will mean and look like for you. It will help you feel calm and help you trust the transition that you're in. Prehnite also supports you in being open to receiving the lessons and the wisdom that is coming in for you so that you can live that next version of you.

Ruby In Zoisite

ruby in zoisite

Ruby In Zoisite is a great stone for helping you stay in the attitude of gratitude. When you focus on all the things to be grateful for, this is the law of attraction in the works.

Red Tiger's Eye

red tigers eye and obsidian mala

Red Tiger's Eye helps you see the bigger picture and helps you have patience but it’s also telling you, continue the passion in your pursuit. Don't let the passion die. Tune back into your why.

To learn more in depth information about these specific crystals and how to support yourself through transitions, listen to Episode 7 of the Activated Soul podcast here.


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