Crystals for Scorpio Season

Where are my SCORPIOS at? Here are three crystals I like for Scorpio season. I am a Scorpio in a deep way. Which ones do you have in your collection? ⁠

Smoky Elestial Quartz - Stay on your path, don't let jealousy or betrayal hold you back from loving deeply. The whole reason of life is to learn how to love unconditionally and this is a spiritual process. Meditate with your Smoky Elestial Quartz to bring you back to center, to feel grounded, protected and on course with your spiritual journey. Remember to love your shadow side but don't let it control your path. ⁠

Vanadinite - Shine sister, shine! You are powerful, creative, motivated and these are all fantastic attributes of a Scorpio. You can be a little intense and even hyper-motivated. Just remember you'll shine brighter and get more done when you take care of yourself first. ⁠

Apache Tear - Scorpios like to make it seem like they are cold and never cry but there's actually really deep emotion there. Apache Tear is a great crystal to let the emotion move. Stop shoving it down. It's easy to shove down and push through but be sure to take time to let it move. Your passion and hard core motivation can take over and at times, this is needed. Just don't forget to love your emotional side. ⁠

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