Crystals for Divine Feminine Energy and Intuition

The divine feminine is very intuitive and a lot of us lose touch with it. It's a very logical society that we live in and typically by the age of about eight years old we have been programmed to not listen to our intuition, that everything has to make sense or to not feel our emotions. We start to shut various parts of ourselves down. And usually by the time we’re in or 30s and 40s we start to get it back. But  it's one thing to hear your intuition and a whole other thing to actually listen and follow the messages that you're receiving.

With that said, these are my favorite crystals for working with divine feminine energy and intuition.


rainbow moonstone

Moonstone helps you become more aware of those intuitive feelings and also helps you listen to those intuitive feelings. Moonstone connects you to the moon and helps you find peace and acceptance of whatever phase of life you are in.  



Chrysocolla supports calm and balance for all phases of a woman from puberty into PMS and then into menopause. Chrysocolla is really good at soothing anger and also empowers you to turn the things in your life that don’t feel so good into really positive things. There's always a silver lining.



Selenite helps us access the ancient knowledge that's already within us which comes from that deep intuitive knowing. Selenite connects you to the moon, to your angels and to divine unconditional love that is always abundant and available to you. It also helps us to balance our emotions and detach from the drama. It's a great cleansing stone too.



Peridot reminds us to nurture ourselves. It can also help us with self sabotage, any kind of jealousy or impatience. Peridot helps you redirect any of those feelings into gratitude, compassion and love. 

Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate

Blue Lace Agate increases intuition and helps you speak your truth.  It also helps you be aware and open to hearing the truth of others.  Blue Lace Agate can emanate a soothing and calming energy that can be helpful for endometriosis when you work with it.



Jet quiets your mind so that you can hear your intuition and your guides. Jet is calming, cooling, and is really good for anxiety.



Aquamarine helps you explore the watery depths of your emotions and reminds you not to fear them. Aquamarine can be really helpful in letting those emotions move.

To learn more in depth information about these specific crystals and working with divine feminine energy, listen to Episode 4 of the Activated Soul podcast here

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