Citrine - Congo


MANTRA: "I am aligned with the energy of abundance.  I am confident and in my power."

CRYSTAL: Citrine - Natural and not altered in any way

GEOGRAPHY: Democratic Republic of Congo

SPECS: S 1/2"+  -  M 3/4"+  -  L  1" +

CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

PACKAGING: All crystals shipped are packaged with utmost care, respect and attention to detail.  

MAGIC: Every crystal is inspected, cleared, activated and blessed through the vibration of love before they are allowed into the shop. For your order, either myself and/or my trained assistants will intuitively select your crystals just for you.   

"The shop and crystals are cleansed, activated and blessed regularly providing you with crystals that are ready to assist you with pure love activated energy."   ~ Meadow

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