What Are Tektite Crystals?

Tektites are glass like pieces that are formed during a meteor impact. These impacts occur all over the world and different tektites have different makeups depending on where and how long ago the impact occurred. ⁠

Moldavite is estimated to have formed when a meteorite hit the area now known as the Czech Republic around 14.7 million years ago. It has a beautiful color of green and unique patterns.⁠


⁠Libyan Glass is estimated be around 28 million years old and formed in the area of what is now known the Eastern Saharan Desert which Libya and Egypt share the border of. Libyan Glass, also called Desert Sand Glass can be found in both countries. Libyan Glass is almost pure silica and temperatures required for this glass to form would be around 1,600 degrees Celsius which is hotter than any other igneous rock on the planet. ⁠

libyan glass

⁠There are many other types of tektites and more to be discovered. The Moldavite and Libyan Glass are my favorites. Colombinite, Indochinite are a couple others that are easy to find and there's a lot more of these blackish brownish tektites around as well which is why they tend to be a lot less in price than the mysterious green Moldavite and yellowish Libyan Glass. ⁠

Since tektites are a glass, this makes it where many fakes are coming out and are saturating the markets. It's important to buy your tektites from a trusted source. ⁠

I have Libyan Glass and Moldavite currently online and at my Lehi, Utah location. 

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