Real vs Fake Moldavite : How to tell the difference

Fake Moldavite is a major issue right now. There are fakes coming out of everywhere and some are really good looking fakes. So how can you tell if your Moldavite is real? 

There are several ways to tell if the Moldavite you are purchasing (or one you already own) is fake but here’s just a few tips to tell the difference.

  1. Moldavite is found in only 1 area of the world. 
  2. Authentic Moldavite should not feel like plastic
  3. Authentic Moldavite should have inclusions and air bubbles
  4. When purchasing a Moldavite, no two pieces should look exactly the same

I talk more about this in my free PDF guide "How to Work with Moldavite” which you can download from my Zen Living website here

It’s always best to get your Moldavite from a trusted source.⁠

I just added some beautiful Moldavite to the website and to the Utah shop. If you’re looking for a certain size, send me a message (@meadowscrystals) or contact the shop directly.  I probably have the perfect piece for you. 

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