Moldavite Crystal Properties

Moldavite was the first crystal to really ROCK MY WORLD. Thing is, I didn't know that it was rocking my world until later. How funny is that? Many of you welcome (excitedly or timidly) Moldavite into your life because you know it's going to shake things up.


I received my Moldavite as a gift and I just thought it was really cool because it's a 15 million year old crystal made during a meteorite impact. My life made huge shifts and continues to do so as I continue to work with Moldavite. Instead of feeling timid though, I say, BRING IT ON.

The limitless energy is an energy that is exciting to wield when you realize your power to alchemize it and Moldavite helps you to do just that. You are limitless.

moldavite bracelet

This is a custom bracelet I just designed for one of our beautiful tribe members in California. Would you like something custom made just for you? Send me a message (@meadowscrystals).⁠ I love making custom pieces for my tribe.

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PS.. If you haven't already downloaded my free PDF "How to Work with Moldavite" you can grab your copy from my Zen Living web site here.

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