How to Intuitively Select the Crystals you Need

Here's what I tell my customers when they ask this.

how to select crystalshow to select crystals

The graphic keeps it extra simple but let me tell you what I tell my customers when they come in and ask how.... ⁠

Stay out of your head. Don't start analyzing anything. Just pick up what you feel drawn to and when you're done, then let's take a peek at the book and you tell me if the crystals properties resonate for you or not. ⁠

Guaranteed 98% of the time it is right on. The book I recommend and work with is the Essential Guide to Crystals Minerals and Stones by Margaret Lembo.

Work with a book that is written post 2012 as the Earth's energy had a major shift around that time and the properties of the crystals have shifted compared to the older texts. Older texts are still excellent to read and consider when researching crystals but a newer channeling will be more accurate. ⁠

Trust yourself. The more you work with the energy of the crystals the more you'll understand it. ⁠

Although I know many of you would prefer me to just issue crystal scripts, I prefer to empower you to learn the energy rather than relying on myself or someone else to tell you what you need.

I believe you already have all the answers.

I'm just here to shed a little light or a little interpretation for you is all.

Come by the crystal shop and browse the more than 100 different crystals. The shop is a safe space and my team is always happy to assist. Customer service is our number one priority.

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