Crystals to Work with During the Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse energy is rushing in right now. Can you feel it? How is it showing up for you? 

Lunar Eclipse energy can feel chaotic and wild. Here are some crystals to support you right now. ⁠ 

Shungite for detoxing out the old stories. Detoxing you from negative perspectives. As you detox these, you may have to really FEEL them first as they move out. ⁠ 

Window Selenite for holding when you're FEELING the stuff move through to keep you focused and connected to the Divine light. You can place the selenite anywhere on your body where you feel you need light to help move stuck or volatile energy.  

Hematite to keep you grounded, focused and positive through the eclipse chaotic energy. ⁠ 

Read my other blog here about whether or not you should charge your crystals in this full moon. ⁠

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