Vera Cruz Amethyst Necklace


MANTRA:  "I am the dreamer of my dream. I have the power to create the reality I desire. I easily recall my dreams and I am shielded from nightmares and psychic attacks."

CRYSTAL: Vera Cruz Amethyst

SPECS: Pendant 2.25" - Chain 24" Rhodium Dipped


PACKAGING: All jewelry comes in a silk/satin bag, packaged in a white premium box, tied shut with branding.  Shipped in either a recyclable bubble mailer or white box.

MAGIC: I only wrap a crystal if it tells me it wants to be wrapped.  The crystals speak to me and I follow their messages.  This means every crystal I wrap is wrapped because the soul it is for is ready to receive it.  I never forcibly wrap a crystal which is why the crystal jewelry I make feels and is so different to anything else on the market.  

I meditate with every crystal I work with.  Each is cleared, activated and blessed through the vibration of love.  Experience the difference in energy.   ~ Meadow

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