Triquetra Goddess + Runes Necklace


This symbol is the Triquetra, Trilogy, or Holy Trinity knot. This is the most commonly known Celtic knot. As for the meaning, the Celts passed down their tradition orally rather than written, so the meaning can vary slightly. Some say this symbol represents family connection but is more commonly known for the cycles and, therefore, the eternity concept of life. The "Holy Trinity" Knot term is one thought to be once Christianity took over in the area. This pendant is lined with symbols known as Runes. Runes originated in Germanic tribes and likely were inspired by Roman writing. Runes have been said to be a language of the Vikings and were popular in the Nordic lands.

SPECS: Pendant 1 1/2" - Chain 26" .24K Dipped accented w/onyx

L I V E . T H E . Z E N . L I F E 



Mantras and power words are the perfect way to program and work with your crystals for your highest good. My mantras are suggestions to help you focus your intentions and the power words capture the magical energy of every crystal. Your crystals will work more effectively with you if they are programmed with your deepest intention.


Every component is hand selected for energy and quality. Uniquely designed and made by Meadow


I meditate with every crystal I work with.  Each is cleared, activated and blessed through the vibration of love.  Experience the difference in energy.


All jewelry comes in a silk/satin bag, packaged in a white premium box, tied shut with branding.  Shipped in either a recyclable bubble mailer or white box.

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