Transition Support 2.0


MANTRA: "I embrace and adapt easily to change. Transition in life is normal and I am able to go through these changes gracefully like the seasons of the year."

CRYSTAL: Green Calcite, Lavender Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz

SPECS: 8mm bead size - Sterling Silver accent beads - stretch style


PACKAGING: All jewelry ships in a silk/satin bag, packaged in a white premium box, tied shut with branding.  Shipped in either a recyclable bubble mailer or white box.

MAGIC: I design my luxury crystal bracelets by tuning into the cosmic consciousness and interpret what is needed by the collective.  I work with only the highest quality beads including rare and unusual varieties.

I inspect and hand tie every bracelet.  All bracelets are cleared, activated and blessed through the vibration of love.  ~ Meadow


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