Goddess Candles


Handcrafted candles charged with crystals, herbs, and magical divine Goddess Energy. These candles are made of natural coconut and beeswax. Handmade in California, USA.

Choose from 10 varieties:

Aphrodite -  burn for energy of love, beauty and fidelity

Get Money - burn to call in more money

Purification - burn to create positive energy in your space, life and relationships

Protection - burn for protection from bad luck and negative energy

Archangel Michael - burn for protection, cleaning and manifesting wealth

Ganesh - burn for opportunities and success

Oshun - burn for prosperity, good cheer and joy

Inspiration - burn for more creative inspiration

Healing - burn to create healing within

Manifestation - burn to manifest your heart's desires

L I V E. T H E.  Z E N.  L I F E


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