MANTRA: "I am excited for my next phase of life. Whatever path I choose next will be met with divine love and clarity."

CRYSTAL: Amethyst · Lavender Amethyst · Rose Quartz · Clear Quartz

SPECS: 8mm Bead Size - Gold Accents - Lead + Nickel Free - Stretch Style

CHAKRA: Crown + Heart

L I V E . T H E . Z E N . L I F E 



Mantras and power words are the perfect way to program and work with your crystals for your highest good. My mantras are suggestions to help you focus your intentions and the power words capture the magical energy of every crystal. Your crystals will work more effectively with you if they are programmed with your deepest intention.


I design my luxury crystal bracelets by tuning into the cosmic consciousness and interpret what is needed by the collective.  I work with only the highest quality beads including rare and unusual varieties.


I inspect and hand tie every bracelet.  All bracelets are cleared, activated and blessed through the vibration of love.


All jewelry comes in a silk/satin bag, packaged in a white premium box, tied shut with branding.  Shipped in either a recyclable bubble mailer or white box.

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