Amethyst Butterflies



MANTRA: "I am the dreamer of my dreams and I have the power to create the reality I desire.  I am safe and my mind is at ease.  I have positive dreams and I can remember them."

CRYSTAL: Amethyst


SPECS: Ethically sourced - Hand carved

SIZE: Select the size in the drop down.  The butterfly that appears with the selected size is the one you'll get. Sizes are very close estimations and could vary slightly.

CHAKRA: Third Eye

L I V E . T H E . Z E N . L I F E 



Mantras and power words are the perfect way to program and work with your crystals for your highest good. My mantras are suggestions to help you focus your intentions and the power words capture the magical energy of every crystal. Your crystals will work more effectively with you if they are programmed with your deepest intention.


Every crystal is inspected, cleared, activated and blessed through the vibration of love before they are allowed into the shop. For your order, either myself and/or my trained assistants will intuitively select your crystals just for you.


These crystals come from small family owned mines from around the world.  These small mines use shovel and pick methods, pay their employees more, work in safer environments and children are not enslaved.  Profits for these mines stay within their communities.  Lands are reclaimed after mining. Crystals are rinsed in collected rain water and blessed before I receive them.


The shop and crystals are cleansed, activated and blessed regularly providing you with crystals that are ready to assist you with pure love activated energy.


All crystals shipped are packaged with utmost care, respect and attention to detail.

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